Tuesday 28 March 2023

It is with a heavy heart that this evening I have to announce that Pialligo Estate has ceased trading.

I have been unable to make an official announcement until now due to the ongoing negotiations with our financiers. Unfortunately we have not been able to reach an agreement to continue to trade the business. The financiers have confirmed that they will take possession of the venue tomorrow morning.

Pialligo Estate is a small local business and we are very much hurting for all those affected by its closure. Please understand we did everything in our power to try and keep the business running. Over the 10 years we’ve had so many setbacks, including two fires, the impact of the NSW bushfires, lost vintages, the extended impact of Covid-19, and most recently the rapidly escalating interest rates. Unfortunately we have finally succumbed to the impact of these events.

During those tough times, we kept our staff and their families going and we tried our very best to assist the Canberra community to endure the lockdowns.

We’d like to thank the Pialligo staff family, without your hard work and dedication we would not have made it this last 10 years.

Unfortunately we could not negotiate with the financiers to continue to trade at Pialligo Estate. The future of Pialligo Estate is now in their hands. I hope that the next owner of the estate will love and care for it as much as we all did. We wish the future owners success and we hope that the Canberra community will continue to support them in their new business operations in the future.

John Russell

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